Posted on January 13, 2024

2024 SJFM Specialty Markets

Here you will find a listing of the SJFM hosted Specialty Markets for 2024, and their application links, as they become available.

About Specialty Markets and the SJFM

The St. John’s Farmers’ Market Co-operative (SJFM Co-op) manages the St. John’s Community Market Building (SJCM) at 245 Freshwater Road.

The St. John’s Farmers’ Market takes place here at the SJCM on Saturdays every week year round, with a few multi-day Farmers’ Market events during the year, like Birthday Weekend and Festive Market. The St. John’s Farmers’ Market adjudicated and approved Vendor Members are the exclusive vendors for Farmers’ Markets, who meet our quality standards of “Make It, Bake It, Grow It” where all items sold are handmade (harvested/foraged, baked, cooked, crafted…) by the vendor themself here in the province.

Customers can find more information about our Saturday Farmers’ Markets here.

Applications open to new Farmers’ Market vendors for the season once per year, and upon approval vendors can access the booking system to request Saturday Farmers’ Market dates. Interested vendors can find more information about becoming a Farmers’ Market vendor here.

In addition to the Saturday Farmers’ Market, the SJFM Co-op hosts specialty markets a few times per month here at the SJCM, and also rents the venue for community events the rest of the week. These events do not have the same requirements as our regular Farmers’ Markets, and are open to the community to apply. Note that we do not, however, accept applications from MLMs or direct sales reps. Unlike the Saturday Farmers’ Market , the SJFM hosted specialty markets have individual application forms for each event, and cater to different themes/demographics, like vintage, sci-fi, etc.


Specialty Market Dates 2024



11th: Love is Love: Queer Market



3rd: Vintage & Collectibles Market

10th: Women Owned Business Market

17th: Market from Another Dimension


At this time only Q1 applications are released.

Remaining dates to be finalized and are here for your reference (application forms to be released at future date):



14th: Book Fair Market –

21st: Sugar Rush Market – TBA






2nd: Vintage & Collectibles – TBA

23rd: Market from Another Dimension – TBA



14th: Queer Market – TBA



18th: Vintage & Collectibles Market – TBA



15th: Book Fair – TBA



6th: Women-Owned Business Market – TBA

20th: Sugar Rush Market – TBA

27th: Market from Another Dimension – TBA



24th: Vintage & Collectibles Market – TBA



1st: SJFM Holiday Gift Market – TBA

15th: Stocking Stuffer – TBA

22nd: Last Chance Sunday – TBA


*listings to be updated regularly and subject to change

The St. John’s Community Market building is a fully accessible space centrally located, on bus routes, with gender-neutral washrooms, water refill stations, and ATMs. Find more information about the facility and parking on our website:

At the market, masking is not required, but remains recommended inside busy public buildings. We ask that visitors continue to keep one another safe by practicing social distancing, hand hygiene, and kindness. Thank you for helping us keep the market space safe and accessible!

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