NOTE: This program has been paused since July 2022 by the vendor. Please contact them for more information.


We do plastic bottle cap recycling with Seaside Reclaimed‘s Recycle on the Rock Project.
There is a collection bin in the main entrance, available for drop-offs when we are open to the public on market days. It looks like this!
Seaside Reclaimed has these tips to help them and staff at collection points:

Before dropping off your plastics, please…

1- Remove any food/drink residue

2- Note that not all plastics are accepted at every location

3- Remember to remove your bottle caps from your beverage containers when using the Green depot drop-off points. You must also have the caps separated before going to the depots.

Thanks so much for collecting! Together we are keeping these pesky plastics out of our landfills & oceans

The St. John’s Farmers’ Market is one of many collection points across the province.
Outside of market hours, we ask that you redirect your plastic bottle caps to one of these other convenient donation locations in the metro area:

Drop-Off Points:

– The Mount Pearl Green Depot (New)
– Petty Harbour Mini Aquarium
– Town of Bauline Community Centre & Town Hall
– Manuel’s River Interpretation Centre
– The St. John’s Farmers’ Market
– The Bee’s Knees
– The Bay Bulls Green Depot
– The Paradise Green Depot

Accepted Plastics:

– Plastic Bottle Caps
– Bread Tags

For more information and to see what they do with the collected plastics, check out their social media pages (linked at the top of this post).
Twitter feed is not available at the moment.