SJFM Performer and Busker Application

Share your art with your community


Hello performers!

Use this form to apply to perform on site at the St. John’s Community Market facility during Farmers’ Market events – you can also express interest in participating in other events organized in the building. We have 2 types of performance space available:

  1. Indoor, scheduled performance slots in the Market Cafe: We typically invite one performer or group each Market to play a set in our Market Cafe. This is typically a musical performance. These are unpaid performances at the moment (we’re working to change that!), but performers are welcome to pass a hat or otherwise collect contributions from the audience.
  2. Outdoor buskers: during the months in which we utilize our outdoor spaces (usually from the beginning of June to end of November), we aim to have buskers on site if possible, utilizing a variety of art forms.  Upon receipt of an application, successful candidates will be contacted to let them know whether they fit within the scope of the market as a busker, and to arrange next steps, including the submission of performance samples or an audition.
Artists are selected to perform at the Market based on the quality of the performance, whether the type of performance fits with the atmosphere of the Market, and whether the opportunity to perform would benefit the artist. For our purposes, “buskers” are performers that provide entertainment, but no physical product.
Performers who provide products for the audience by donation or fee (such as balloon artists or face painters) are welcome, but must first contact our staff to make arrangements. If you are are interested in being part of the Market in this way, please contact us directly at


[contact-form to=”,,” subject=”New SJFM Performer Application”][contact-field label=”Primary Applicant – First Name” type=”text” required=”1″][contact-field label=”Primary Applicant – Last Name” type=”text” required=”1″][contact-field label=”Contact Email” type=”email” required=”1″][contact-field label=”Contact Phone Number” type=”text” required=”1″][contact-field label=”Do you perform under a different name, or represent a group? Enter that name here. ” type=”text”][contact-field label=”Which type of performance are you interested in providing?” type=”checkbox-multiple” options=”Outdoor busking,Indoor scheduled performances (musicians only for now),Both,Other (Specify in the comment box below)”][contact-field label=”” type=”text”][contact-field label=”What kind of performance would you offer?” type=”radio” options=”Music,Theatre,Acrobatics,Dance,Other (specify in box below)”][contact-field label=”” type=”text”][contact-field label=”Please describe the performance you would like to offer at the Farmers’ Market” type=”textarea” required=”1″][contact-field label=” Our Markets run from 9 AM – 4 PM on Saturdays and the Second Sunday of each month, and from 5-9 PM on the first Friday evening of each month. Within our Market hours, are there particular times during the day that you would prefer to perform? Are there times you would be unable to perform?” type=”text”][contact-field label=”Would you require access to electrical power, amplification or any other tech? Please describe your requirements below” type=”textarea”][contact-field label=”If at all possible, please provide a URL where our team could review a video/audio recording of your performance” type=”text”][contact-field label=”If you have a website related to your work, please share the URL here:” type=”text”][contact-field label=”Would you be interested in being contacted for performance opportunities at special events outside of Market days?” type=”radio” options=”Yes,No”][contact-field label=”If you were to be contacted to arrange an audition time, are there times of the day or week that work best for you?” type=”text”][contact-field label=”Thanks for applying to perform at the SJFM! If you are selected for an audition, our staff will be in touch. If there’s any other information you would like to provide, do so in the box below” type=”textarea”][/contact-form]