NOTE: If you are a new prospective vendor who wants to apply to be a vendor at the St. John’s Farmers’ Market, you are on the wrong page. This page is NOT a new vendor application. This registration page is only for approved SJFM vendors to create an account.

Please click through to this page: for information about becoming a vendor at the St. John’s Farmers’ Market. Applications for new vendors open once per year. Applications for 2023 will open in February 2023, and will be posted on our website and social media when they open. A link will be provided to that separate application form. Once a vendor has applied, if they meet SJFM Quality Standards, they will be contacted by the Market Manager to arrange an adjudication date. Should the adjudication be successful, they will then be approved as a vendor and provided access to this registration form.

Any submissions made through this form by prospective vendors who have not gone through the application and adjudication process will have their profile deleted and will not be contacted further. Filling out this registration form will not qualify you to jump the line or be considered as a vendor.

We appreciate your eagerness to be a vendors. Please do not complete this form unless you have been given direct instruction from the Market Manager to do so.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.