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Fatima and her team would like to welcome you to the New Farmers' Market Building. We will be there to serve our loyal customers on every Wednesday and Saturday as per market hours. We offer different varieties of meat and vegetarian dishes along with options for Gluten-free and Vegan diets. Our loyal customers children under the age of six get a free treat from us. Farmer Market’s Vendors get a discounted price on all meals. Please visit our stall to see various food options and choose the dish of your choice.

If you are in rush and don’t want to stand in the line, you are welcome to call us at (709) 764-9655 to place an order for pick up on market days.

In order to welcome our customers, every market day we introduce special dishes along with our regular dishes.

You know about Fatima's Indian Food but did you know she makes sweet treats too? Please try some whenever you visit our stall in the Farmer’s Market.

We try our best to use the finest local ingredients for our dishes, often purchased from the hard working and passionate farmers at the market!

We are grateful to our customers who provide regular reviews of our food quality and service, and rate us 5 out of 5.

Overcast Magazine has voted our food as number one for three years in a row based on their survey of the Farmer’s Market. Our moto is fresh quality food and best service.

Some of our popular dishes are listed here but we encourage you to visit our stall to taste special and surprise dishes of the day. Thank you.

Meat Combos

1. Choice of 2 meat items, 2 vege items, basmati rice and naan  $15

2. Choice of 1 meat item,  2 vege items, basmati rice and naan  $12
3. KIDS COMBO (small serving)
1 meat item, 1 vege item, basmati rice and naan  $8
Vege Combos
1. Choice of 4 vege items, basmati rice and naan $12
2. Choice of 2 vege items, basmati rice and naan $10
3. Choice of vege item,  basmati rice and naan $7
Meat Dishes  $6 per serving
Butter chicken
Chicken curry
Lamb curry 
Beef curry 
Chicken biryani
Vege Dishes  $4 per serving
Chickpea curry 
Potato curry 
Mixed lentils curry 
Mixed vegetables curry
Snack Items
Samosa (meat or vege)  $2 each
Pakora 3 for $2
Naan bread  $1
Basmati rice  $4
Desert. $1 each or 6 for $5
Gulab jamun
Many other seasonal items under each category 

  • Fatima’s Indian Food
  • Fatima’s Indian Food
  • Fatima’s Indian Food
  • Fatima’s Indian Food