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Gursha, meaning a “mouthful of food aims to Introduce and provide delicious, authentic Ethiopian cuisine to St.John's NL.
Rich in spices and vibrant flavors, Gursha offers a fun and unique culinary experience to the farmers market as food is eaten with ones hands. We have meals for vegetarians, vegans and meat lovers alike - dishes include 'Kik Alicha', an almost creamy stew of yellow split peas infused with garlic and ginger; 'Shiro', a porridge of chickpea flour with the silken texture of a velouté and 'Doro Wat,' a rich spicy stew including chicken and eggs. Ingredients are locally sourced, where possible, and combined with spices from Ethiopia, such as “Berbere” a spice blend containing hot red peppers and more than a dozen other spices including ginger and cardamom.
All dishes are served with “injera” a crepe-like bread atop which dishes are served - it is used as a utensil. Don’t panic, we also provide forks!
We hope you’ll come and visit us! – It really is “A meal worth sharing” and we do have gift certificates available.

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